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Motor grader DZ-98B        Motor grader DZ-98B        Motor grader DZ-98B

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The DZ-98B motor grader

its modifications and complete sets (called hereinafter the motor graders) in question are intended for use in highway engineering for performing the earth-moving and grading jobs on soils of the I, II, III and IV categories. They are widely used in railway, airfield, land reclamation and hydrotechnical construction.
It is advisable to use the motor graders when performing especially high-volume power-consuming earth-works under heavy road conditions.
For example:

1) construction and overhaul of the dirt and gravel roads;
2) construction of the pit for the road foundation in the earth road bed;
3) moving of earth in the embankment;
4) levelling of the fill-up soil and grading of surface;
5) moving of the inertia materials wiith the stabilizing admixtures while mixing them in transit;
6) scarifying (ripping of soil and worn-out roadbeds);
7) grading of surface of large territories;
8) cleaning of snow-bound roads and territories.
The motor graders are available in two design modifications depending on the climatic conditions:
- conventional modification for operation in middle latitudes at the ambient air temperatures from minus 45 to plus 400 C;
- tropicalized modification for operation in the regions with tropical humid and dry climate.
Motor grader class 250
Width (blade in transport position), mm 3 3220
Height (without flashing beacons), mm 4000
Wheel base, mm 6000
Front wheel tread, mm:
wide 2696
Rear wheel tread, mm:
wide 2576
Ground clearance, mm: under mould board in transport position 350
under front axle 615
under rear axle 440
under suspension of intermediate and rear axles 395
Mass of motor grader, kg: operational 19500
on front axle 5660
on intermediate and rear axles 13850
Static ground pressure at operational mass, N (kgf): on blade set square to longitudinal axis 103000(10500)
on scarifier teeth 45400(4630)
Number of gears:
forward movement
reverse movement 6
Travelling speed of motor grader at engine crankshaft rated speed,km/h: forward:
I gear
II gear 5,51
III gear 9,75
IVgear 14,1
V gear 22
VI gear 41
II gear 6,64
III gear 11,72
IV gear 16,9
V gear 26,6
VI gear 47
Minimum turning radius, when travelling dry concrete surface, m 18
Holding gradient of motor grader by parking brake, %, not less than 15
Braking distance of motor grader travelling at initial speed of 30 km/h on horizontal section of dry asphalt road with clutch disengaged, m, not over 14
Braking distance of motor grader travelling at initial speed of 30 km/h with emergency braking system applied (one of circuits failed), m,not over 41
Motor grader DZ-98B, specifications, parts and assembly units